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AirGorilla Fees and
Explanation of Taxes

Whenever fares are displayed, there is information describing service fees and taxes. You may click the link "taxes" or the link "fees" for details.

We do have service fees, but we build the fees right into the base fare the instant you see pricing. See below for more details.

However, tax information, which is separate, is only calculated after you click to proceed to the next step in the booking process (but you can always back up and are not obligated to buy). Taxes are highly variable depending on which cities you fly through. For flights headed overseas they can approach the $100-$400 range per passenger, due to fuel taxes, airport taxes, and government taxes. These taxes mostly are not a percentage of the fare. As a result, for low fares, taxes could take up an appreciable percentage of your total cost. Some flights have taxes over 30% of the amount of the actual fare. No travel web sites or travel agencies have any control over the amount of taxes.

Currently our fees, which are built into the initial fare you see, include the automation fee of $18.93 per passenger fee, which covers technology licensing fees and surcharges. Separately, there is a $19.00 per booking fee (so for three passengers, for instance, you would only pay that $19 fee for the first passenger).

However, we now have a discount program that comes online periodically and gives you a discount on your fees for a good number of flights. You will see this discount amount, if applicable, subtracted from your final bill on the charges page. Such discounts are not combinable with coupons or other promotional discounts.

The fees mentioned above assume that electronic tickets will be issued. Most air transactions can be fulfilled using e-tickets. However, if an airline does not offer e-ticketing, there will be a shipping fee assessed of US $17.00 per transaction for second business day delivery within the US.

Additional shipping fees will be applied for shipping to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. A minimum of US$45.00 per transaction will be charged for international deliveries.

We thank you sincerely for visiting our web site and hope you will compare prices, then book with us for your next trip


The Gorilla and his staff

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